Cold blooded Murder: Beau blindfolds Fiance, beats her to death, burns her body

Denver: In what can be termed as a ‘Cold Blooded Murder’, a man from Colorado hacked his fiancé to death with a baseball bat and burned her body to avoid getting caught.

The Homicide Investigator on Tuesday said in the court that the Colorado man killed and burned his fiancés’ body last November after beating her to death, Reuters reports.

The case’s gruesome details were revealed during the day-long preliminary hearing in Teller County District Court in Cripple Creek, Colorado.
According to sources, prosecutors have charged Frazee, 32, with first-degree murder, solicitation to commit murder, and tampering with a deceased body.

Teller County District Judge Scott Sells hearing the case ruled there was sufficient evidence to bind Frazee over for trial, and had set an April 8 arraignment date for him to enter a plea.

Meanwhile, Gregg Slater, an agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, testified that Frazee blindfolded Berreth and beat her to death by hitting her on the head with a baseball bat, Jon Sarche, a public information officer with the Colorado Judicial Branch, confirmed to Reuters.

The accused went on to burn the body, along with other items and disposed of the remains, which have not been yet located according to Slater’s testimony.

The crimes details committed by frazee were revealed to investigators by Krystal Kenney, an Idaho woman with whom Frazee had a relationship, and whom he tried to persuade to kill Berreth.

According to sources, Kenney, 32, told the detectives that Frazee wanted her to either poison Berreth’s coffee after befriending her, or beat her to death but she refused to do so and he went on to slain the young mother and his fiancé.

Kenney also pleaded guilty this month to evidence tampering and, as part of a plea bargain, agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.