Coffee stamped safe by cancer experts

Washington : Ever since a judge in California passed a ruling where it mandated coffee companies to include a cancer warning label on their products, the world has been taken by an uproar.

However, cancer experts have taken up the case and stamped coffee as cancer safe.

The ruling by Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle is said to be based on many studies tying a chemical named acrylamide, which is formed when coffee beans are roasted, to cancer.

However, J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, the deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, was quick to point out to Fox News that the studies in question have been conducted on animals that were administered much larger quantity of the chemical than a normal human would consume.

“The substance is present in many of our foods, not just coffee. There was a minor scare about it being in French fries, and foods that are cooked on higher temperatures. Demonstrating a direct cause to cancer is very difficult. You always have to put a [suspected] risk into perspective”, said Lichtenfeld as quoted Fox News.

Adding to the same, Ben Gaul, a coffee connoisseur in the Rhode Island, talked to the WPRI, a digital news platform, and said to relax.

Gaul explained that it is impossible to drink enough coffee to have any adverse effects.

He added, “We would have to have tens of thousands of times the dosage that we can get from a cup of coffee”.

The chemical is present in many other food items including French fries, roasted vegetables, and even grilled steak. Speaking on the same, Gaul added, “We have a long history of cooking our foods, our bodies are used to consuming these and metabolizing these”.

Gaul even talked about the ruling to include warning labels and he explained the order as saying that the law, Proposition 65, required warning labels for hundreds of compounds which are known to cause cancer. (ANI)