Coffee can increase risk of pre-diabetes in young adults

Washington D.C., Aug 30 : Love your coffee too much? Well it’s time to take a pause for a cause, as a new study has revealed that it can increase the risk of pre-diabetes in young adults with mild hypertension.

The study included 1,201 non-diabetic patients aged 18 to 45 years who had untreated stage 1 hypertension.

Among the participants, 26.3 percent were abstainers, 62.7 percent were moderate and 10.0 percent were heavy coffee drinkers. Coffee drinkers were older and had a higher body mass index than abstainers.

There was a linear relationship between coffee use and risk of hypertension needing treatment, with a 100 percent increased risk of pre-diabetes in the heavy coffee drinkers.

Lucio Mos of the Hospital of San Daniele del Friuli said drinking coffee increased the risk of pre-diabetes in young adults with hypertension who were slow caffeine metabolisers, and added that the risk was even greater in the case of overweight or obese.

Mos concluded that their study showed that coffee use was linearly associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events in young adults with mild hypertension, adding that these patients should be aware that coffee consumption might increase their risk of developing more severe hypertension and diabetes in later life and should keep consumption to a minimum. (ANI)