CNN gets the wrong ‘Shah’, White House sees red!

Washington: The Trump administration today again hit out at CNN after the news broadcaster displayed a picture of Indian-origin ex-Obama administration appointee Rajiv Shah, confusing him with White House press official Raj Shah.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders was quick to slam CNN for the faux pas.

“@CNN this is definitely not @RajShah45 but it is #FakeNews,” Sanders said in a tweet as she posted a screen shot of the channel displaying the wrong Shah.

As USAID chief, Rajiv “Raj” Shah, 44, was the highest ranking Indian American official in the Obama administration’s first term. Currently, he is president of the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation in New York.

His namesake, 33-year-old Raj Shah – as principal deputy press secretary – is the highest ranking Indian American in the White House press office.

Last month he became the first Indian American to ‘gaggle’ with reporters on board Air Force One.

‘Gaggle’ is the term used when the White House press secretary holds an informal briefing which is on record but bars reporters from videographing.

Raj Shah throughout has been with the Republican party, while Rajiv Shah is a Democrat.

This is not for the first time that the media both in the US and India has goofed up with the two Raj Shahs.