CM terms 24-hour power supply to farm sector as a wonderful victory

Supplying 24-hours quality, uninterrupted power supply to all sectors and free power to farm sector is a wonderful achievement of the TRS government, said Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao here today.

The chief minister described the achievement as a wonderful victory of a youngest Telangana state in just 3 and half year.

Attributing the achievement to the employees of electricity orgnisations in the state, he said electricity employees have pulled the state from power deficit to power sufficient.

He congratulated all the concerned and said everyone else in the country looking up towards Telangana State for its revolutionary changes that took place on the power sector.

In recognition to the great services rendered by the Electricity employees, the chief minister announced a New Year gift of special increment with effect from January 1, 2018. The CM said the entire people in Telangana state are appreciating the efforts put in by the electricity employees.

The CM had a meeting with TS Genco, Transco CMD D Prabhakar Rao, Genco, Transco, SPDCL, and NPDCL officials against the backdrop of launching the supply of 24-hour to the farm sector. The CM hugged Prabhakar Rao and congratulated him. He congratulated each and every official personally taking their names.

The CM said that people in the State especially the farmers are very happy to receive a new year’s gift in the form of 24-hour power supply and the electricity employees have doubled their happiness. As a token of appreciation, the CM announced a special increment to the electricity employees amidst loud applause from those gathered at the meeting.
“With supplying 24-hour quality, uninterrupted and free power to farm sector, Telangana State will go down in the history as the first state in the country which is supplying 24-hour supply to all sectors. Though it was not mentioned in the TRS manifesto nor ever made any promise, keeping in view the untold misery of the farmers, it was decided to supply 24-hour free power supply. Initially, we thought we will supply 24-hour from February or March 2018. We are happy that we have started supplying power for the Rabi crops from January 1, 2018. Though certain states are giving 24-hour supply to the farm sector it is restricted a few hours. In some other states, though 24-hour power is given they are charged. Except the Telangana State, no other state in the country is giving 24-hour free power supply to the farm sector. This is not only pride for the Telangana State but also a necessity for the farmers. I have received several congratulatory messages from other states. Farmers in the state are very happy. This could be possible due to proper planning and execution,” the CM said.

Among those who met the CM included, TSERC Chairman Ismail Ali Khan, SPDCL CMD Raghuma Reddy, Transco JMD Srinivas Rao, Genco Directors Ashok Kumar, Venkat Rajam, Lalit Kumar, SPDCL Director Kamaluddin Ali Khan, Transco Director G Narsing Rao, PGCEL ED V Sekhar, GM S Ravi and others.

CMD thanks CM

Genco, Transco CMD Prabhakar Rao has thanked the CM for announcing special increment for the electricity employees. He said the decision taken by the CM will further inspire the employees and they will work with double the vigor. Prabhakar Rao said that with the guidance and vision of the CM, the electricity organisations were able to achieve success and victory.