CM is serious about protection and development of wakf properties – CM’s Secretary holds meeting

Hyderabad: Secretary to CM, who is in charge of Minority Affairs, convened a meeting with various officials of Wakf Board to elicit information regarding the use of grant-in-aid released by State Wakf Board every year to district collectors. He said that CM desires to convene a meeting of the Wakf Board to review its functioning.

It may be mentioned that Wakf Board releases grant-in-aid to the district collectors for maintenance of wakf properties. Govt. received complaints that some of the district collectors are not releasing the grants to the concerned for the maintenance of masajid, graveyards and other wakf properties. It was noticed that these amounts are not being deposited in Govt. treasury of the districts. CM has sought a report in this connection.

After the review meeting, Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman Telangana State Wakf Board told that he plans to visit various districts to get these details. A review of rents of wakf properties in various districts will also be made. In some districts, building complexes constructed by Wakf Board are getting low rents.

It is reported that Wakf Board had sought information from the district collectors about the expenses on repairs to wakf properties but none of the collectors responded to this letter. They did not furnish any details about the use of grant-in-aid released by Wakf Board every year.

Mr. Saleem also told that in every district, high power wakf committees have been constituted under the chairmanship of District Collectors. It is mandatory for these committees to hold their meetings once a month but in no district, such meetings are being held.

Mr. Saleem said that CM would be apprised of this situation very soon.

–Siasat News