CM praises Nizam again, slams Oppn for hate campaign

Slamming the Opposition parties for dubbing him as erstwhile Nizam, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today reiterated that erstwhile Nizam Osman Ali Khan was a noble ruler, who had constructed the monumental Nizam Sagar and other several projects for the benefit of his people. He also declared that he would make the writers to rewrite the history of the erstwhile Hyderabad ruler. “We have to definitely condemn bad incidents, but at the same time, we should also praise good things he had done”, he added.

            Giving a reply to short discussion held on Minority Welfare in the Assembly on Thursday for the second day, the Chief Minister pointed out that the people of Andhra have been celebrating birth anniversary of famous British engineer Sir Cotton, who had designed and constructed the famous barrage across the river Godavari, KCR asked his critics to explain what was wrong in eulogizing erstwhile Nizam, who had done many things for good of his people. He also pointed out that Nizam had magnanimously contributed six tons of gold to the Union government during the 1962 war with China.

The Chief Minister also reminded that the heir of erstwhile Nizam, Prince Mukkaram Jah had to left the country following criticism by a section of people. But the other day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished Bhutan King’s son by bending his head during the latter’s visit to India. “Peoples across the globe respect Kings and their heirs but in the previous Andhra Pradesh State, people portrayed the erstwhile Nizam era in a bad manner”, he added. He also reminded that erstwhile Nizam had established Nizam Orthopedic Hospital (Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences) by allotting land and funds when his personal driver broke his hand and told him there was no orthopedic hospital in the State.

Showering various sops to the Minorities, the Chief Minister said his government has introduced better budget than previous governments for Minority Welfare. While the previous government spent only Rs 932 crore in its 10-year regime, the TRS government spent Rs 2,146 crore in the last three years, he pointed out. Stating that the Centre has to shift several issues to the State with regard to Minorities, he said the issue of reservations for Muslims was under active consideration of the Centre. He also said the Union government should implement reservations to Muslim Minorities like Tamil Nadu State, which was implementing reservations as per 9th schedule of the Constitution.

Stating that the Prime Minister has responded positively on Muslim reservations, the Chief Minister said his government would definitely implement Muslim quota under any circumstances. The TRS government has taken Muslim reservation issue as its primary responsibility and not as a political issue, he said. KCR elaborated that he successfully completed his first task of achieving separate Telangana State and the second task was revival of Telangana State. He also said he would take cooperation of the Opposition parties when necessary with regard to Muslim reservations. He also reminded that the State government could not appoint committees due to 10th schedule issue.

Equal treatment to all Minorities

The Chief Minister pointed out that the Centre praised the State when it initiated Haj pilgrimage with officials committee. The TRS government also honored Christian, Sikh and other minorities in the State equally. He pointed out that they spared Mayor post of Karimnagar city to a Sikh Ravinder Singh. “Telangana is a divine land and hence his government was celebrating Christmas, Ramzan, Bonalu with equal fervor”. He also said the TRS government was providing seats to Muslim, Christian, Sikh children in the Minority schools.

Referring to Waqf lands in the State, the Chief Minister said he came to know there were no details of Waqf lands in the Waqf Board. The Waqf land details will be clearly known after completion of the ongoing purification of land records. He said his government will protect Waqf lands at any cost. Stating that the Centre allocated Rs 230 crore and released Rs 120 crore for Minority residential schools, the Chief Minister said his government was disbursing Rs 1,500 pension to each of the Imams and Moazams and also considering to give the same to the Pastors.

He also assured to solve the Dalit Christians issue and asked them not to worry about it in the State. Assuring that his government would protect the Urdu language, the Chief Minister declared it would be the second official language in the State. The Chief Minister said the State government would fill 900 posts through special Urdu DSC. He also disclosed his government would appoint Urdu officers in the District Collectorates and other important offices. He also said his government has addressed a letter to the Prime Minister to conduct NEET in Urdu medium. The State government would also conduct all competitive examinations in Urdu language too, he added. He assured the Congress member SA Sampath Kumar that his government would protect the Waqf lands at Moulali, where illegal constructions were going on actively.

Monetary help for Jerusalem pilgrims soon

Stating that he achieved successes with the blessings of Ajmer Peer Dargah in Rajasthan, the Chief Minister said his government would construct a rubath at the Ajmer Dargah as the Rajasthan government allotted two-acre land for Telangana State for the purpose. He also disclosed that his government would consider giving monetary help to those visiting Jerusalem, the birthplace of the Christ like Haj Yatra. (NSS