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Both CM & Owaisi hoodwinking Muslims: Shabbir

Both CM & Owaisi hoodwinking Muslims: Shabbir

Reservations to Muslims will be possible only through the recommendation of BC Commission, however chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is repeatedly talking about providing reservations through centre thus hoodwinking Muslims, said leader of opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir while addressing a press conference here at Indira Bhawan. He also took a dig at Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on latter’s silence over the issue.

Mr. Shabbir asked did the Barrister who was on the stage on the occasion of Iftar party not know that recommendation of BC Commission is compulsory along with scientific data for reservations. Or the MIM is against Muslim reservations? Mr. Shabbir asked why Asad Owaisi became mum as soon as the date went into his mouth. (for breaking fast). Why the MIM and his leaders who declare themselves as the champions of Muslims’ cause and raise voice in the assembly, remain mute in the personal meetings with KCR.

Mr. Shabbir reiterated that by keeping mum on chief minister’s misleading promise, Asad Owaisi once against proved that MIM is against Muslim reservation. Sudhir Commission neither has legal powers nor can recommend for Muslim reservations. If Chief Minister is sincere for Muslim reservations he should immediate form BC Commission. Asad Owaisi is a barrister and he knows legal complications very well despite that he became mute before CM after eating the date; as a rat gets scared of the cat. What is Hyderabad MP scared of and why is he hesitant to remind the government it promise to Muslims, he said.

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