Nitish Kumar pushing Bihar to communal politics: BJP

BJP on Wednesday accused Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and its other political rivals of pushing the assembly poll-bound state towards communal politics even though the people there want development.

Launching a sharp attack on Kumar, BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said the chief minister should introspect why his popularity in poll surveys was declining as he chose to go for his “greed” for power and not public welfare.

“Some of our adversaries are putting in all their might to push the Bihar poll towards communal side even if incidents have taken place outside Bihar. However, good governance and development will become a yardstick in the coming elections too. Therefore, our confidence grows,” he said.

He said “Nitish Kumar should do introspection during the course of election as to why his popularity is declining. The reason is that Nitish’s greed for chair has increased and he has joined hands with the head of ‘Jungle Raj.’ Singh charged Kumar gave up good governance, which he had carried out during the rule he shared with BJP, and has taken Bihar towards communal thought and politics. He also said that those who should have protected JP’s legacy have now joined hands with those who have opposed JP.

He also took a dig at the JD-U leader saying there is a difference between what he says and what he does and sought to recall Kumar’s claims made earlier that he will not seek votes from the people in 2015 till he electrified entire Bihar.

He also gave figures saying only a few hundred villages had been electrified during the last few years against a target of over 2,000.