CM irritated over Wakf Board’s decision to repatriate CEO

Hyderabad: CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR has sought the detailed report of the proceedings of the first meeting of Telangana State Wakf Board in which a resolution was passed to repatriate Mr. Mohammed Asadullah, CEO of Wakf Board.

It may be mentioned that despite majority enjoyed by ruling party, a resolution was passed in the meeting of State Wakf Board recommending repatriation of Mr. Mohammed Asadullah to Revenue Dept. since there were allegations against him.

It is reported that Govt. sent a report to CM in which the powers of Wakf Board have been challenged and a recommendation has been made to nullify this resolution.

Authentic sources revealed that CM sough information from Dy. CM, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali and other officials and expressed his irritation that a resolution moved by the local political party was passed in the Wakf Board despite majority held by the ruling party. It is said that passing any resolution outside the agenda is illegal. CM also expressed his displeasure over the attitude of the Govt. nominees of the Wakf Board. He told the Dy. CM to talk to them. Mr. Mahmood Ali commissioned Govt. nominees and admonished them that in the future, discussions should be confined only to the items included on the agenda.

It may be noted that the members of the local political party took the chairman of Wafk Board into confidence and got a resolution passed.

Secretary to CM, Mr. Bhopal Reddy sought the details from the secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare. Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel sought the report from Mr. Asadullah and sent it to CM. Govt. has the power to nullify any resolution asked in the Wakf Board.

CM was so irritated that he said to have told officials that if this is the attitude of Wakf Board, it will disband the entire Wakf Board. He is irritated that an honest officer is being targeted and humiliated.

This situation may result in creating conflict between Wakf Board and the Govt. Mr. Asad would continue to function as CEO of Wakf Board so long as Govt. does not issue the orders of his repatriation.

–Siasat News