UP CM corners Congress over Tipu Sultan

Hubli (Karnataka): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday launched a scathing attack at the Congress saying that it do not worship Lord Hanuman but show their devotion to Tipu Sultan.

Speaking in Hubli of Karnataka, Adityanath said, “They (Congress) do not worship Hanuman ji, but worship Tipu Sultan. This is the difference of mentality. The Congress wants to implement the ‘mafia raj’, which Rahul Gandhi has got in legacy, all over the country.”

He further said that people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have rejected the Congress adding, “If Karnataka rejects Congress, nobody will worship Tipu Sultan.”

Adityanath’s statement comes on the heels of Karnataka assembly elections, scheduled to be held in 2018.

This is not the first time when such statements have been made against the Mysore ruler. Earlier, BJP leaders including Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah had slammed Congress-led Karnataka government for celebrating the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan.

“The Congress government wants to divide Karnataka community to rule..The government here created such an issue over Tipu Sultan. I do not want to dive deep into history, but I have to ask: Why is there no celebration for Kempegowda, Kittur Rani Chennamma or Sir M. Visvesvaraya? Why only Tipu Sultan?” Rajnath questioned during a rally in Bengaluru

While addressing a rally, the BJP chief said, “Karnataka Mahotsav was supposed to be grand but the state government was not enthusiastic about it, instead they are about Tipu Jayanti.” (ANI)