CM announces special cell for NRIs

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has announced creation of a special Cell with Rs 50 Crore fund to help Telangana NRIs in case of any need. In this context, he said the state government would render any help for the Telangana NRIs in case of any need in any country.

The Chief Minister said that an IAS officer would head this social cell and Telangana NRI representatives from all the countries would be accommodated in the Committee. He has instructed Minister KT Rama Rao and MP K Kavita to prepare guidelines, action for the NRI Cell and the Committee.

KCR wanted the proposed NRI Cell and Committee should work for the welfare of the NRIs and find solutions to their problems. He said Rs 100 Crore was allocated in the State’s Budget for the NRI welfare and Rs 50 Crore from this would be transferred to the NRI Cell. He said if need be, the government is ready to give more funds for the NRI Cell and Committee. He has urged the Telangana NRIs to launch a debate and discussions abroad on the qualitative changes that he is speaking of and making attempts in the national politics. He wanted them to explain the efforts being made by the Telangana leadership to set a national agenda in the country. He gave them a call to extend support and cooperation to the qualitative change in the country as children of the land as they did during the separate Telangana statehood movement. He wanted them to become stakeholders in the attempt being made for future of the country.

The Chief Minister had launch with NRI representatives at Pragati Bhavan here on Saturday. Later he spoke with them on Development in Telangana, national politics, and NRI’s welfare. Ministers KT Rama Rao, Nayani Narasimha Reddy, MP K Kavita, Legislators Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Ganesh Gupta, Srinivas Goud, Prashanth Reddy, MDC Chairman Seri Subhash Reddy, NRI Coordinator Mahesh Beegala and others participated.

“We have achieved Telangana State which was unachievable and made rapid strides in development. The Telangana State is number one in the country in several fields. We are going ahead wonderfully. We have attained political stability. Our future is very bright. We are going ahead on progressive path,” the CM said.

“When we think of our state as part of the country, we feel happy and contended. We are doing well, when compared to other states. But as a nation we are not doing well. When compared to other countries, we are very backward in our position. There is availability of 70,000 TMC of water but yet we are struggling to give water for agriculture and drinking water purposes. If we utilise 40,000 TMC of water, we can provide water to 40 Crore acres of cultivable lands. Our rulers have failed to take such a measure. We are facing severe problem for irrigation water and water for drinking water purposes. Centre’s Budget is Rs 24.47 lakh Crores. Of this Rs 8.70 Lakh Crore is spent on debt servicing. Another Rs 10 Lakh crore is spent on employees’ salaries and pensions. Another Rs 5 to 6 Lakh Crore is spent on Centrally Sponsored Schemes. What is left with is about two to three lakh Crores. What kind of development works can be taken in a vastlypopulated country like us with this money? When will the country development if the things are in such a state? In the seven decades of our country’s existence, there is no peace; there is severe dissatisfaction, agitations, clashes in the name of religion and castes. Don’t we have a solution to this problem? NRI should think about this. China, which is our neighbour, has become an economic super power in the world. How come we are not changing, we should understand,” the CM said.

“Our country is very backward, when compared to other countries on several parameters. Both the Congress and BJP who are in the power are responsible for this state of affairs. If there is an opposition against Narendra Modi, then Rahul Gandhi will become the PM. What difference it will make to the country and what benefit it will have? If we get angry with one person, we elect the other. Whoever wins, there will not be any sea change. There is a need to being in qualitative change in the country’s politics. People’ agenda should be formed. There need to be a guidance on what the country’s people need and which direction the country should head. Right now I am on the job. I am preparing an Agenda for the people in the country. The whole country will adapt the agenda. It will be possible if every political party chalks out an action plan based on this agenda. I am not thinking about national politics not for any post or position. I have taken this decision as I as a citizen of this country wanted to do something for the country. I took the decision and started working on this. If I thought why should I bother, do you think we would have got Telangana state? Is there any change possible if everyone on the country says what should we bother? Beginning should be made at some point. We have made the start and when we work sincerely it will be possible. NRIs should discuss this issue globally. During the separate Telangana Statehood movement I have explained why we launched the agitation and reasons. You help and cooperation had held the movement. Put an extensive debate on the qualitative change in the national politics which I am talking now,” the CM said. (INN)