Clover Infotech showcases Oracle’s AI-powered intelligent bots for enterprises

New Delhi: Gold-level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN), Clover Infotech recently showcased the Oracle Mobile Cloud at an event, thus offering demos that showcased the vast business applications and engagement capabilities of intelligent bots.

These new cloud offerings by Oracle will provide numerous possibilities for enterprises to create multi-channel digital solutions to augment customer and employee engagement.

However, the solution will also offer artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bots, which will offer a convenient, reliable and omnipresent channel for customers and employees to connect with businesses for gathering information, addressing grievances, performing micro-tasks and raising requests.

Clover Infotech, which was named by Oracle as one of its partners to implement the GST-compliant Oracle ERP Cloud in India, has been working closely on AI-powered intelligent bots, and its engineers have been trained by Oracle University to create intelligent bots and meet the requirements of businesses from across industries.

“The era of intelligent bots is here with the latest updates to Oracle Mobile Cloud. It enables automation for basic tasks, allowing human intervention in more complex or high priority conversations and frees employees to focus on more strategic and analytical tasks. Many of our partners, such as Clover Infotech, recognise the potential of these AI-powered chatbots and are focused on helping clients improve user engagement,” said director of product management for Oracle, Ravi Pinto.

“The latest updates to Oracle Mobile Cloud are heralding the new era of digital engagement, where businesses would be connected to stakeholders 24X7 and offer timely, data-driven insights. With digital being at the center of our communication and messaging apps becoming extremely popular, the stage is set for AI-powered intelligent bots. Intelligent bots are expected to become a necessity for businesses in the near future,” added Javed Tapia, Managing Director, Clover Infotech. (ANI)