Cloth merchants of TS and AP start bandh against GST

Hyderabad: The traders of cloth belonging to two Telugu States, namely A.P. and Telangana have intensified their three day agitation against GST since yesterday. 40000 cloth merchants of Telangana are also participating in the bandh. In the same manner, the cloth merchants of A.P. are also participating in it.

It may be mentioned that cloth merchants of the entire country are participating in 72 hour bandh. Telangana State Federation of Textiles expressed its intense irritation on Central Govt. In a meeting held on 5th June, intense wrath was expressed for levying 5% tax on textile industry. Wholesale and retail traders expressed their anguish on this issue. Telangana State Federation of Textile has decided to take a mass rally on 30th June since Central Govt. has not expressed any kind of reaction against the bandh.

Talking to newsmen yesterday, the representatives of the federation told that the imposition of GST on textile industry has affected it very badly. They made it clear that they would continue their agitation till this tax is withdrawn by the Central Govt.

–Siasat News