Clinton meets Sanders after D.C. primary win

Washington: Soon after registering a win in the District of Columbia, Hillary Clinton met Bernie Sanders privately in Washington for talks last night.

The meeting came amid indications that Sanders would soon bring the curtains down to his campaign, though his aides say that he is not expected to immediately endorse Clinton.

Clinton became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, but the Vermont senator declined to drop out and pledged to give every voter a chance to decide between the two candidates.

“Sen. Sanders and Secretary Clinton met in Washington on Tuesday evening and had a positive discussion about how best to bring more people into the political process and about the dangerous threat that Donald Trump poses to our nation,” CNN quoted Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs as saying in a statement.

“Sanders congratulated Secretary Clinton on the campaign she has run and said he appreciated her strong commitment to stopping Trump in the general election,” the statement added.

Sanders and Hillary were joined by their campaign managers in the meeting, which lasted for about 90 minutes.

The duo discussed substantially raising the minimum wage, real campaign finance reform, making health care universal and accessible, making college affordable and reducing student debt, Briggs said.

While Clinton’s adviser described the meeting as “very positive”, one of Sanders’ aides called the meeting “constructive.”

Though Tuesday’s primary was essentially over, Sanders in his single campaign event in Washington last Thursday reminded the voters about his support for statehood for the nation’s capital.

In Tuesday’s primary, twenty delegates were at stake as it was open only to registered Democrats. (ANI)