Clinton leads Trump by 6 points: Poll

Washington: Cillary Clinton has maintained a 6-points lead over opponent Donald Trump after becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee last week, according to a latest national poll.

The new poll conducted by CBS News, finds Clinton with a 6-point lead over Trump among registered voters, coming in at 43 per cent and 37 per cent respectively.

Her margin in last month’s poll was the same, but Clinton led Trump 47 to 41 per cent in that survey, Politico reported.

According to the poll, 51 per cent of those surveyed said they expected Clinton to secure the presidency in November, compared with 35 per cent who predict Trump will win the election.

More Democrats and independents expect Clinton to win, while Republicans predict more American voters will side with Trump.

When asked about the interpersonal traits of both candidates, Clinton and Trump scored similarly.

Sixty-three per cent of those polled answered “no” to whether they think Trump is honest and trustworthy, while Clinton scored only 1 percentage point lower at 62 per cent for the same characteristics.

On overall judgment, however, Clinton pulls ahead of Trump, earning 43 per cent of support from those who believe she shows good judgment, compared with Trump who comes in at 25 per cent among those who view his judgment favourably.

The poll was conducted from June 9 to June 13 among 1,280 adults, 1,048 of whom were registered voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points for the entire sample.