Clinton ‘most corrupt person ever’ to run for presidency: Trump

Washington: Donald Trump on Saturday alleged that Hillary Clinton is the “most corrupt person ever” to contest for US presidency and said her election to the White House would trigger an unmatched constitutional crisis in the US.

At his maiden stint at the Republican Party’s weekly address to the nation, Trump said the time has come “to close the history books on the Clintons, and open a bright new chapter focussed on the great citizens of our country.”

The controversial real-estate tycoon was referring to Hillary and her husband and former US president Bill Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States, and if she were to win it would create a constitutional crisis like no other. She’s under multiple federal investigations, has committed many crimes, including perjury, and she’s now facing the prospect of a federal indictment,” Trump said.

He addressed his plans to steer the US in a new direction from what he alleged was a failed leadership of the last eight years of Barack Obama, in the first term of whose presidency the Democratic nominee served as the secretary of state.

He asked the American people to elect Republicans “up and down the ticket” to make that “new direction” possible.

“I’m asking for your vote and your help in electing a Republican majority in Congress, so that we can finally change this broken system and Make America Great Again,” he said.

“It’s a once in a lifetime chance to take our government back from the donors and the special interests, and return the power to you, the American people,” he said.

Trump said 15 days ago, he proposed a contract with the American voter a 100-day action plan to bring change.

“We need change so badly. If we win on November 8, and elect a Republican House and Senate, we can finally deliver the change the American people deserve,” he said.

“My Contract includes a plan to create 25 million new jobs. We will cut taxes on the middle class Americans by 35 per cent, and we will repeal and replace the total disaster known as ObamaCare it doesn’t work,” he said.

A Trump administration will immediately fix the “terrible trade deals” and stop the jobs from leaving the country.

“My Contract includes a pledge to end illegal immigration, and end it rapidly, cancel federal funding for sanctuary cities, and suspend the admission of Syrian refugees into our country. They’re coming in by the thousands, and Hillary Clinton wants to increase that by 600 per cent,” he said.

“We will rebuild our badly depleted military, and take care of our great, great veterans,” Trump said.

“We will undertake a national effort to reduce crime and poverty, and bring jobs and safety to our inner cities finally, at last,” he said.