Climate & Energy, NRDC chiefs discuss electric mobility with Arvind Kumar

Hyderabad: Roland Hwang, Managing Director, Climate and Energy with Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) today met Municipal Administration Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar today and discussed issues relating to advancing building energy efficiency and electric mobility. Anjali Jaiswal, senior director, Prima Madan, energy expert with NRDC’s Indian Program, Professor Rajkiran and Sandeep Sai from the ASCI and Dr Vishal Garg from IIIT also attended the meeting

The discussion was focused on advancing building energy efficiency through updates to the State Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). The Principal Secretary asked the members of the delegation, who are leading international and local experts on energy efficiency to suggest a Statewide Cool Roof program and a program to retrofit around hundred government buildings. The proposal should be made mandatory for all new residential buildings, commercial establishments and government buildings to have cool rooftops, he said. Increasing the scope and potential for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the State as part of the draft State Electric Vehicle policy was also discussed in the meeting.

The Principal Secretary suggested that the draft electric vehicle policy should insist that e-vehicles should replace all the existing vehicles. A beginning should be made with public transport vehicles and garbage mini-vans. Roland Hwang briefed about the Net Zero concept prevalent in California.