Clerk pretended as Dubai police officer, rapes woman

Dubai: A 31-year-old Pakistani clerk, who works at a police station, was arrested on Monday for kidnapping and raping a Moroccan woman after pretending he was a CID officer.

The woman, who came to Dubai to look for a job stayed in a hotel in Frij Al Murar. She had just walked out of a fast food outlet in Al Rigga at 8 pm when the defendant stopped her car claiming that he is a CID officer said that he was investigating a jewellery shop robbery carried out by women.

The women said. “He showed me photos of women’s hands and asked to take picture of my hands even though I told him I know nothing about such robbery. He locked the car the moment I got inside and snapped a photo of my left hand”.

He did not let her leave the car and told her to keep quiet. He drove to a residential area, where he parked outside a villa made her sit in the back seat of the car where he raped her. Later he stopped a cab for her after stealing her two mobile phones, Dh500 in cash and her watch.

The incident was reported on April 18 to Al Raffa police station. The accused was arrested at around 10 pm the next day in Al Aweer.

A police sergeant said. “We learned that the accused was the one who kidnapped and raped the complainant based on the descriptions she gave us of him and his car.”

He added.” He confessed he had sex with her against her will and that he posed as a cop to lure her into riding with him”.

He also admitted that he was driving a car, belonging to the police, on the incident day.

The hearing will continue on September 22.