Class X student stabbed with scissors, cricket stump, dead

Chennai: A tenth class student was stabbed with scissors and cricket stumps by his classmates at a boarding school located at hill town of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu.

The tragic incident killed the boy after a physical fight with one of his classmates turned aggressive, TN reports.

Preliminary reports have revealed that both of the boys, the victim and the accused both were students of the tenth standard and lived in the same hostel building of the boarding school.

The accused have been arrested after the murder weapon the pair of scissors and a cricket stump were recovered.

According to sources, the reason behind the fight is unclear while the school administration failed to intervene between the boys and end the physical fight which could have been avoided had the management interfered.

The victim’s identify has been withheld to protect the identity of the minor boy and his family.

An extensive probe into the matter has been initiated. Meanwhile, the minor boy’s has been shifted to the Kodaikanal government hospital for post mortem report.