Class 12th student guns down Principal over Blasphemy in Pakistan

Islamabad: Faheem, a class 12th student from Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunwa province has killed his Principal over Blasphemy charges.

Going into the details, Faheem has fired multiple shots at the principal, Sareer. The Police has arrested Faheem.

According to the news reported in Times of India, after being arrested, Faheem told that “I have been taught to kill and to not be afraid. Don’t be afraid of disrespecting those who commit blasphemy.”

He further told to the police that “You can kill me for gunning down a blasphemer.”

As per the sources, Principal Sareer reprimanded Faheem for participating in violent anti-government protests in November 2017 which led to the resignation of Zahid Hamid over the Blasphemy charges.

Blasphemy is a sensitive issue in Pakistan and it has been used to settle personal scores. People have been killed in the past for committing blasphemy on mere suspicion.

Rights activists say that, since 1990, atleast 65 people have been killed by vigilantes on mere suspicion of committing blasphemy.