Class 11 student drugged, sodomized by seniors in top institute

Ajmer: In one of the top institutes of Rajasthan, a class 11 student was sodomized and sexually abused by six seniors according to his allegations reported the Police.

The student studying in Mayo College registered a complaint with the Ajmer Police under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.
The boy is reported to have escaped from his boarding school over the incidents happening at the school, DC reported.

The boy later informed his parents about his ordeal who later filed a written complaint and an FIR against the school management.

The students FIR states that he was repeatedly sexually assaulted multiple times between June 10 and 20 and was even forced to eat non-veg food and made to drink liquor.

It further stated that the alleged seniors barged into the victim’s room and forced him to take drugs as well and later took him to the washroom where he was sodomized taking turns.

So far, the school authorities have taken no action in the case and refused to comment on the same.