Civil Lines hit-and-run case: Victim’s family demands justice

New Delhi : Expressing disappointment with the deteriorating law and order situation, the grieved family members of a business executive, who was killed by a speeding Mercedes car in North Delhi’s posh Civil Lines area, demanded justice.

“I have been somewhere convinced by the system that I have to fight for 10 to 15 years in order to get justice. I am unable to comprehend that why ten years. You have the CCTV footage, we have all evidences…You catch hold of the parents, who sent a driver instead of their son and ridiculed the entire system. I am not able to understand why is no one cross questioning the people, who are guilty,” the victim’s sister Shilpa Mittal told ANI here today.

“Photograph of that boy’s father should be shown, the society should shame him. In two days, the boy will turn into an adult you should make his photographs public. The culprit is leading his life normally where as our lives will never get back to normal,” she added.

Shilpa expressed her disappointment over the fact that it is so easy for someone with money to get bail and walk free.

“A challan is issued of 1,000 rupees and that’s it. We are standing there like fools thinking that we will get justice. The police is standing there, they say nothing is in there purview, all of them have been bribed. I have been told a lot of money has been spent already. There is no investigation happening, there is no progress,” she added.

Hemraj Sharma, the victim’s father, called for strict laws to ensure that such incidents do not take place in the future.

“All the loop holes should be plucked out of the law system, mere debating will not help. The police did not take any action in the first 24 hours of the incident,” he added.

The incident took place at around 8.45 p.m. on April 4 when the victim, Sidharth Sharma, was crossing the road near Ludlow Castle School when a Mercedes hit him.

Sharma, the marketing head of a multinational enterprise, was flung several feet into the air and landed at least 15 metres away, severely injured. Sharma was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The police have impounded the car and tracked the owner, a businessman who resides in Civil Lines area.

A case of rash driving and causing death by negligence has been registered at the Civil Lines police station.

The Class 12 student, who was allegedly driving the Mercedes, was arrested under laws for underage offenders but later released on bail.

The teen was on a night out with six friends. (ANI)