City Police conduct ‘Operation Chabutra’ in Old City

The South Zone Police have again focused on youths, include minors who are roaming or wandering on the streets of Old City without any purposeful reasons thus putting their future leading in danger and becoming victims of criminals. These youngsters are also not showing / concentrating much interest in studies.

In order to prevent them from such activities leading towards bad habits and to control unlawful activities, the South Zone Police conducted Operation Chabutra in the intervening night in between 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM of 07th/ 08th March by forming 25 teams.

The teams have intercepted around 162 ramblers,  including 15  minors, from Charminar, Kilwath  Tegalkunta, Jangammet, Engine, Bowli, Chandrayangutta, Talabkatta, Santoshnagar, Madannapet, Hussainialam, Mirchowk and Reinbazar areas who were roaming on the streets and  sitting at chabutras’ of old city without any purpose and causing disturbance to common public and  wedged 162 youngsters for counselling.

In order to create a sense about the current doing and wrong activities of the above youth, parents were called to Moghal Function Hall where the rovers were kept and conducted counselling in front of their half springs. All the parents have agreed that they are at fault.  They said they failed to supervise the children and assured the police that they would keep their children in a disciplined manner.

Speaking to the media persons, South Zone DCP V. Satyanarayana said that the ‘Operation Chabutra’ was conducted to ensure peace in Old City and also to create a sense of security in the minds of common public, particularly women. Due to festive season and examinations, South Zone Police had discontinued the operation since last nine months.

Further, the DCP South Zone said that the youngsters have been maintaining gangs and getting involved in petty quarrels during nights.

Stating that examinations for all-level students have already commenced, he said instead of preparing for exams, youths were wasting their time by roaming around during odd hours. (INN)