Citizens attracted by double bedroom houses: Dattatraya

Union minister Bandaru Dattatreya today said the people of Hyderabad believed propaganda of the ruling party in the GHMC elections.

Participating in a youth assembly meeting here on Sunday, Dattatraya said while the ruling party cogently convinced the electorate and swept the GHMC polls with the single promise of providing “double bedroom houses” to the poor, his party (BJP) failed to properly explain to the people that the Centre was sharing the cost of the construction of DBR houses. “However, we are analyzing the reasons for the defeat of our party”, he added.

The senior BJP leader said the TRS had got unpredictable number of seats and the people of the city were attracted by the ruling party campaigning since the last three months. He also said the voters believed the ruling party that they would bag both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor posts even with the support of the ex-officio members and its friendly party. (NSS)