Cisco to setup manufacturing plant in India

Washington: Tech giant Cisco is planning to establish a manufacturing plant in India very soon. The company’s CEO Chuck Robbins disclosed this interesting piece of information at the brand’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

Robbins said ‘India one of the firm’s best bases. The corporation is actively involved in the nation across the board and is now working on widening its horizons from digitization to smart cities.’ The CEO went on to discuss its factory ambitions, asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very committed to manufacturing.

Cisco is a big player in the digital movement in India. It currently has a hand in over 15 smart city projects across the length and breadth of the subcontinent.

Cisco apparently presented Modi with a business case which it had been working on. It’s now moving forward with its plans. Robbins didn’t mention a concrete release date for the opening of the plant.

However, he did disclose that India is currently going ahead with a number of healthcare and security initiatives, with a special focus on digital cities.