Cinema has been a catalyst for Indian fashion: Nivedita Saboo

New Delhi: Ace fashion designer Nivedita Saboo feels that Indian cinema acts as a catalyst for the Indian fashion industry. She believes that since celebrities have a huge fan base, their favouring a designer’s brand helps in getting it recognised.

Asked if she thinks that Indian cinema helps in creating fashion trends, Saboo told IANS over an e-mail interaction: “Yes, in a country where people idolise celebrities, Indian cinema has always been a major source of influence and reference when it comes to fashion. People are always curious to know what designer a particular celebrity is donning, and where can they get the exact same outfit from.”

She feels with that social media has shortened the distance between people and the designers.

“Today, social media has bridged that gap and it has changed the way people interact with brands and designers by highlighting the latest fashion trends and making fashion more accessible than it has ever been,” she added.

Saboo, who has been in the industry for 17 years, has styled the likes of several personalities like Irrfan Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Jacqueline Fernandez and even Russian super model Maria Shatalova.

Does she feel that Indian celebrities are not doing their bit to promote home grown designers at internationally?

“I don’t think Indian celebrities are not doing their bit. In fact, they play an instrumental role in making Indian designers shine at international red carpets. Take Cannes for example. I like that actors who represent India try to maintain that balance by wearing a mix on Indian and international designs,” she said.

“According to me, that is one of the major factors that have changed the way the world looks at Indian fashion and has also opened doors for Indian designers to showcase at various international platforms,” Saboo added.

The designer says that in the past few years, the entire world has “stood up and taken notice of India’s contribution to global fashion and back home, too, designers are realising the importance of quality and craftsmanship and are working towards a more sustainable fashion model”.

Earlier this month, Saboo dressed the first family of Lamborghini during their trip to India. She styled Antonio (famously known as Tonino), his son Ferruccio and his daughter Ginevra.

The bespoke Khadi ensembles designed for the Lamborghini family were inspired by the sleekness and unparalleled edginess of the Lamborghini, integrated with the design sensibilities and craftsmanship of Nivedita Saboo Couture.

She says it was an honour to have created bespoke outfits for the first family of Lamborghini.

“I have always admired Mr. Tonino Lamborghini and his business sensibilities, so it was overwhelming to learn that we were the only Indian designer they were keen on collaborating with during their tour.”

But why Khadi?

“I wanted to dress them in Indian attires and Khadi was the obvious choice, for it is an Indian heritage fabric. It gives that exquisite finish and quality to any outfit, is ideal for any weather and is super-versatile. Moreover, merging contemporary designs with traditional fabrics is my forte,” she added.