CII suggestions on Universal Code for Pharmaceutical marketing Practices

New Delhi, Aug. 3 : The CII Medical Technology Division (CII-MTD) participated in the meeting organized by Department of Pharmaceuticals under the chairmanship of Anant Kumar, Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers to discuss the Universal Code for Pharmaceutical marketing Practices (UCPMP).

CII representation, lead by Himanshu Baid, Chairman of CII-MTD and Pavan Choudary, Co-Chair of CII-MTD, focused on the fact that Medical Device Industry is an innovation driven industry and needs to work with medical practitioners as well as paramedical professional in close proximity

Therefore, provision of current UCPMP not allowing industry to engage medical practitioner for continued medical education on latest technologies may be detrimental to the medical device industry.

“Medical Devices have a short product life cycle (18 to 24 months) and have frequently upgraded versions. Every new product which comes into market requires physicians to undergo sufficient trainings. The proposed code shouldn’t constraint Industry’s ability to provide no-frills training to Medical Practitioners,” said Himanshu Baid.

“While CII-MTD welcomes any such code, at the same time we recommend that the code should be appropriate for medical device companies and industry practices, which are significantly different from pharma industry.

The code in its current form needs more discussion and clarity on research grants or other support funds be regulated by this code as well as product donation, which is needed and is not recognized and hence no provision made for allowing this type of donations as long as desired documentation is maintained by companies,” Said Pavan Choudary.

Therefore, CII-MTD recommends a distinct marketing practices code for Medical Device Industry, which supports Training, Education and Awareness Programs that improve patient outcome and would be pleased to work with Department of Pharmaceuticals in developing an appropriate “Universal Code for Medical Device Marketing Practices (UCMMP)”, said Himanshu Baid. (ANI)