Christians hurt by Taslima Nasreen’s controversial tweet on Mother Teresa

Kolkata: Reacting strongly to author Taslima Nasreen’s controversial tweet in which she criticised Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity founded by her, the Archbishop of Kolkata, Father Thomas D’Souza, on Sunday said Nasreen’s allegations as “baseless and untrue”.

Taslima Nasreen who is a controversial writer had tweeted, “Mother Teresa charity home sells babies, it is nothing new. Mother Teresa was involved with many illegal, inhumane, immoral, unethical, unprincipled, wicked, fraudulent, barbaric acts. Please don’t try to protect criminals only because they are famous.”

Responding to her tweet, Archbishop D’Souza said, “This is not at all true. The author can say whatever she wants but that will not be able to tarnish Mother’s image. Her image will remain impeccable and she will be remembered for all that she has done. If someone says something like this, it doesn’t diminish Mother’s integrity. I will not say anything more than this,” reported NDTV.

Missionaries of Charity spokesperson Sunita Kumar said she would not speak anything on this but said the comments “hurt her”.