Passengers attacked Christian Uber driver thinking he is a Muslim

North Carolina: An Uber driver from North Carolina claims he was attacked by a passenger who took him as a Muslim.Samson Woldemichael, a Christian from North Carolina came to the US eight years ago from Ethiopia.

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, the attacks on Muslims have reportedly increased.Muslims around the European countries and in US are facing backlash following the deadly attacks, including vandalism to mosques and Islamic centres, hate-filled phone and online messages and threats of violence.

Samson said he picked up the passenger early on Sunday morning from a bar in Charlotte and was asked to drive to the man’s home, ten miles away.

“ During the journey, he asked me if I am a Muslim, and I said I am not a Muslim,” said Mr Samson. “I was driving and he hit me while driving.” He added. “I told him in the first place I am not a Muslim, but it’s not right to generalize people and threatened them,” he said.

The driver said he was afraid to park, so he drove around the block until the passenger struck him hard in the forehead, nearly knocking him out, and the man continued hitting him in the head.

“He was saying he would shoot me and he was acting like he’s hiding his hand in his back, so he was acting like he was armed,” said Mr Samson who drove away at that point and called the police.