Chris Gayle awarded $300,000 in a defamation case against Australia media

Sydney: West Indies batsman Chris Gayle has been awarded a compensation of $ 300,000 in a defamation case against an Australia media which he had won in October, last year.

The Australia media i.e Fairfax Media has been ordered to pay the amount in damages to the swashbuckling batsman over a series of defamatory reports accusing him of exposing himself to a female massage therapist during a Sydney training session in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Pronouncing the verdict, Justice McCallum said that allegations levied on the international cricketer were of serious nature and it damaged the professional life of the batsman.

“In light of the jury’s verdict I am required to assess damages on the basis that the allegation of indecent exposure was not true and that the attribution of such conduct was very damaging to Gayle’s reputation,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Justice McCallum, as saying.

Reacting to the decision, Fairfax media said that they did not get a “fair trial” and they will come back with an appeal, immediately.

“The jury was misled in a way that prejudiced Fairfax, and Fairfax did not get a fair trial. The damages award merely confirms the appalling burden of defamation laws in this country. Fairfax is immediately bringing an appeal,” the Fairfax media spokesperson said.

The reports by Fairfax Media followed an uproar after the big-hitting Caribbean batsman attempted to flirt with an Australian presenter during a broadcast interview, asking her out on a date before adding the “Don’t blush baby” remark.