Chris Brown Spends 30,000 Dollars On Birthday Present For Rihanna

Singer Chris Brown reportedly sent singer Rihanna an expensive birthday gift for her birthday. Brown spent $30,000 on a diamond chain for Rihanna’s birthday on February 20, a source told And “he sent it over with 30 red roses”, the insider added.

The source said Rihanna actually enjoyed the gift and she “was happy he remembered her birthday, but she’s not going to wear the chain” because “it’s not her style at all anymore”.

The source added, “It’s something she would have worn back when they were together, but she’s a grown woman now and she’s changed.”

The Work singer didn’t try to hide it either from her boyfriend Hassan Jameel. The source said she was “open and honest” about the unexpected birthday gift from Brown.

“She showed him the chain and told him she was keeping it,” the source said.