‘Chowkidaar’ vigilant as Congress leaders try to dodge judiciary: PM

Raigarh: Calling himself as the ‘chowkidaar’ (watchman), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday stated that he is on alert as Congress leaders are trying to dodge the judiciary.

“There are cases going on against almost every member of the Congress. The situation is such that they are all out on payroll today (Congress ke parivaar ke namdaar parivaar ke karib-karib har sadasya ke virudh aaj adalaton mein maamle chal rahe hain, halat ye hai ki parivaar ke zyadatar sadaysa aaj zamanat pe bahar hain ya agrim-zamanat lekar baithe hain),” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing a rally here.

“Chowikidaar is on alert amid their (Congress leaders) strive to avoid judiciary (Kanoon se bachne ki inki koshisho ke beech, Chowkidaar alert hai). He is working towards taking out all their hidden secrets,” he added.

Taking a dig at the Opposition’s call for a grand alliance, Prime Minister Modi said, “Such people are becoming a part of the Opposition’s grand alliance today, who earlier parted ways from Congress after criticizing it. There is a competition going on between them – who can abuse Narendra Modi more. This is the criteria for joining the ‘mahamilawat’.”

He further went on to criticize the newly formed Congress-led government in the state.

“When the new government was formed in Chhattisgarh, we also congratulated with a thought thinking that maybe they will implement some new approach for the development of the state. But what they have only done is to try and stop the ongoing schemes,” added Prime Minister Modi.

He further said, “The first two decisions that the Congress govt took, you must think about them. The first thing they did was to remove Chhattisgarh from ‘Modicare’ and the second decision was to not let the CBI enter the state. What are you afraid of?”