How to choose the right clothes for your body type

London: Sometimes getting the right clothes for one’s body type is the toughest choice that women have to make, but with a bit of guidance and a few hints and tips one can have the desired wardrobe.

Television presenter Genevieve Ni Reamoinn tells you how to customise your wardrobe based on different body shapes:

* The apple body shape: Usually characterised by rounded shoulders, a full tummy and average size bust. The weight is carried around the middle of the body with slimmer legs.

* What works best: Well-tailored tunic tops work well on this shape as it lowlights the rounder tummy, an empire line is also very flattering. V-necks or round-neck tops work best as they flatter the bust and draw attention away from the tummy area.

You can pair these with a straight leg trouser. Long line jackets are also best with this body shape. Try wearing these with a skirt that sits on the hips and team with a V-neck top in a block colour for perfect symmetry

* Stay away from: Tapered trousers, cowl neck tops, tight knits and short jackets.

* For pear body shape: Pear shapes carry weight around the tummy and thighs and are smaller on the shoulders. Usually a slim waist, top and bottom can be different dress sizes.

* What works best: The trick with the pear shape is to balance out the shoulders with the hips by drawing attention to the top part of the body. This can be achieved with wide necklines and interesting prints. As with apple shapes its best to wear block colours on the bottom. Bootleg trousers are great for creating balance or, if you prefer skirts then A-line is the best cut.

* Stay away from: Tight knits, pencil skirts, prints or bright colours on the bottom half.

* For hourglass body: Women with the hourglass body have smaller waist, larger bust and rounded hips. It’s the easiest shape to dress as most styles will suit the hourglass .

* What works best: If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass shape then you can wear almost any style. To show off your waist wear high-waisted skirts or dresses with large waistbands. Necklines can be quite structured but I would say keep it simple on top as prints can make you look top heavy. Don’t hide under baggy t-shirts or jumpers but instead wear fitted tops.

Well-tailored trousers are great on the hourglass figure, just be aware that your bottom can look bigger in prints. The world is your oyster when it comes to dresses.

* Stay away from: large prints and baggy styles

* For Lean shape: Lean shapes have a smaller bust and slender hips with a square waist.

* What works best: Although a lot of us envy the lean shape it can be tricky to style as its difficult to get the balance right. Creating a waist and a bust is the first action to take. Try high-waisted trousers or belted dresses.

Cross over tops and wrap dresses work very well on this shape. If you love your separates then start with a cowl neck top to give your bust a more balanced look, team this with an A-line skirt or bootleg trousers. Layering is also a good way to create more dimension.

* Stay away from: Big statement styles and bodycon dresses.