Chinese teacher axed for ordering students to slap 100 times

Beijing :In a bizarre incident, a Chinese teacher asked students aged six or seven to slap themselves 100 times in face hard enough to make a hearable sound, forcing school authorities to expel her.

According to the students’ parents, the teacher was in bad mood at the time and ordered 56 pupils in the first grade of Hanyu Primary school in Linyi to slap themselves hard in face 100 times, the People’s Daily reported today.

Some pupils said their face, ears and mouth turned red after the slap, as the teacher told them to slap hard enough to make a hearable sound, the paper said.

Fifty-six students slapped themselves 100 times as the teacher told them to, except for the leader of the class. The parents said that all the pupils are at the age of 6 or 7. They dare not to disobey the teacher.

When asked why the children were punished, some said that the teacher was in a bad mood. Some said that the teacher got mad about the bad disciplines in the class.

The principal of the primary school has confirmed the child abuse case and said the teacher has already been removed from the teaching post, and the local education department has reprimanded the young teacher for her behaviors.

He also said that the teacher was a new recruit without any teaching experience. She made the mistake by impulse and she feels regretful for what she did.