Chinese robot scores high in doctor qualification test

Beijing: A China-made robot has obtained a high score on a written test for the national doctor qualification, authorities said.

The robot, co-developed by leading Chinese tech firm iFlytek and Tsinghua University, has achieved a score of 456, higher than the national pass mark of 360, according to the Health and Family Planning Commission in Anhui Province.

This year, around 530,000 people across the country took the examination in August, Xinhua reported.

Watched by examination supervisors, the robot answered the same test paper at the same time as its human counterparts in a designated test room without internet access or signal.

The whole process was recorded to prevent cheating, according to iFlytek.

The test showed the robotic doctor has mastered self-learning and problem-solving abilities to a degree.

It will be used to assist doctors in clinical diagnosis and will see patients in hospitals, residential communities and homes in the future.