Chinese man proposes with diapers instead of diamonds

Beijing: Instead of getting down on his knees with a diamond ring in his hand, a young man in China’s Guangdong province proposed to his girlfriend with over 50 packs of diapers, the media reported on Tuesday.

The man, Feng from Guangzhou city said he and his girlfriend have dated for over two years and he planned the proposal after finding out that she was pregnant, the China Daily reported.

With the help of his friends, Feng arranged some 4,500 diapers packaged in bags into the shape of a giant heart, alongside the Pearl river in the city.

He then gave his girlfriend another bag of diapers that was carried in by a drone.

When the bag was ripped open, his girlfriend was surprised to find there was a diamond ring hidden inside.

Feng said: “From now on, your happiness and the baby’s happiness are my responsibility. Marry me!”

She accepted his proposal.