Chinese incursion: Kiren Rijiju downplays report, says it is not ‘very serious’

New Delhi:Responding to Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s earlier statement on incursion of Chinese troops into Chamoli district, Minister of State Home affair, Kiren Rijiju said on Wednesday that it was not a very serious issue and they will resolve it on ground level.

“The briefing that we have received from DG of the Indo Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) according to that some incident of incursion has been witnessed there. But that is not a very serious issue,” said Rijiju.

He further stated that the Uttarakhand officials and People Liberation Army (PLA) of China was present there and had a little verbal spat over the border line but later went back to their region.

In the context of air violation by the Chinese Army Rijiju said, “Air violation was there but up to the border area and the face off was not that serious issue.”

“There is no demarcation between China and India, due to that little tiffs take place over there,” he further added.

Asserting that India will not discuss this issue at the diplomatic Forum, Rijiju said that the matter will be resolved on the ground level.

Earlier on Wednesday, Rawat confirmed an incursion by Chinese troops into Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

“The state revenue authorities were there for mapping of our land and they noticed their presence. Earlier, there were sporadic incidents, but this time it is happening at a larger scale. However, I think that there is nothing to be alarmed as the activities were noticed in Chinese territory,” Rawat told ANI.

However, later in the day Rawat, made a somersault saying there is an increase in the number of Chinese troops along the Indian border, but ruled out any incursion into Indian territory.

Uttarakhand shares a 350 kilometer long boundary with China and similar attempts at Chinese incursions have been reported in the past. The last reported Chinese incursion in the state was when the word ‘China’ was inscribed on rocks near Mana Pass in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.