Chinese Government Scholarship 2018

Chinese Government Scholarship 2018:
The Government of China and Ministry of Human Resource Development of India jointly invites applications for Chinese Government Scholarship 2018 from applicants of Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, General Scholar and Senior Scholar program.

The scholarship aims at promoting mutual understanding, cooperation and educational exchange between two countries.

Who can apply for this scholarship:
Applicant must have obtained 60% marks in the required qualification.

Applicant must have passed class 12 and have age below 25 years (for Bachelors degree).

Applicant must be a graduate and have age under 35 years (for Masters degree).

Applicant must be a postgraduate and have age under 40 years (for Doctoral degree).

Applicant must have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate study and have age under 45 years (for General scholars).

Applicant must be an associate professor or have a masters degree with age below 50 years (for senior scholars).

Applications of candidates who are abroad will not be considered.

How can you apply:
Step 1: Applicant can click here to open the e-application page.
Step 2: Select field of education.

Step 3: Upload documents required.
Step 4: Submit the application form.

Terms and Conditions:
Full tuition fee
Monthly stipend
Medical insurance

Partial scholarship covers:
One or some items of the full scholarship

Note: Applicants for Master’s and PhD programs must submit two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors.