Chinese girl crosses ‘Great Wall of China’ to marry Indian

Bhopal: Zi Hao from the Chinese city of Djiyong, a city in China, crossed the Great Wall of China and the Himalayas to reach Mandsaur, a city in Madhya Pradesh to tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend Siddharth.

She reached India with her parents and is now getting married with complete Indian customs. Their love story started five years ago across the seven seas in Canada. She met Siddharth at the Sher University of Oakville, Canada.

In an unknown city, Siddharth helped Zi immensely. It was how they started meeting each other frequently. During that period love started blossoming between the two. When both their families came to know about it, they fixed their marriage.

Her parents arrived in Mandsaur to marry off their daughter to Siddharth Mishra, son of Ved Mishra and Jyoti Navhal. Shibo Wang, father of Zi Hyo, said India is a great country and he is impressed with its hospitality.

Jin Guan, Hyo’s mother said that her daughter and Siddharth have a very good understanding and she is confident that her daughter will be happy with him.

Zi Hao explained how she came close to Siddharth due to his helpful nature and although Indian wedding customs are different from the traditional ways of China, she loved them to such an extent that she hopes that they will spend most of her time in India.

Siddharth’s father Ved Mishra said that he got to know about their son’s Chinese connection by monitoring Siddharth activities on Facebook. 

He arrived in Canada to meet his son’s lady love and spoke to her parents in China via video calling.

And then, after a discussion between both the families, the marriage was fixed.