Chinese consulate attack facilitators arrested, claims Karachi Police

Karachi: Karachi’s Additional Inspector General of Police Amir Sheikh on Saturday claimed that more facilitators of the attack on the Chinese consulate which took place on November 23 have been arrested.

Geo TV quoted the Karachi Police chief, who was speaking at an event as saying, “More facilitators of the attack on the Chinese consulate earlier this month have been arrested. We also found out which hotel the attackers stayed at and arrested people from there.”

Sheikh also revealed that the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) was leading the investigation into the attack. “Rangers, intelligence agencies and police are also working on the case,” he stated.
On November 24, Pakistan authorities had arrested two suspected facilitators believed to have been involved in the terrorist assault on the Chinese consulate.

The two policemen were killed and a security guard got injured after three gunmen tried to enter the consulate. The three suspected suicide bombers were gunned down by the security forces before they could enter the Chinese Consulate. Nine hand grenades, Kalashnikov bullets, magazines, and explosives were recovered from the possession of the terrorists, police said. All the staff inside the Chinese consulate is safe, according to security sources.