China’s Tianjin blast destroys 1,000 new cars

Beijing :Over 1,000 new cars were completely gutted following a series of blasts at a hazardous chemical warehouse here in China’s major port city, killing at least 50 people and leaving over 700 injured, media reported today.

The fleet of cars, parked at a huge yard, close to the site of the disaster turned into scorched metal shells, China Daily reported.

Rows upon rows of cars were destroyed, with flames and thick smoke engulfing the warehouse that stored dangerous chemicals. The vehicles were covered by layers of ash, the report said.

Tianjin is a major manufacturing base for many automotive companies.

Tianjin, home to some 15 million people, is a major port and industrial area. The booming city, home to some 15 million people is located south-east of the Chinese capital, Beijing.

The blasts’ destructive force damaged several buildings. It also mangled shipping containers which were thrown around like match sticks by the impact of the explosions.