China won’t allow bullying from U.S. on Taiwan: Chinese media

Beijing [China]: Calling the recent U.S- Taiwan engagement an orchestrated show, the Chinese Media has said that Beijing won’t allow any bullying from Washington on the Taiwan question.

Beijing surely hopes to keep a stable relationship with Washington, but it won’t allow any bullying from the US over the Taiwan question, which is germane for the Chinese leadership in assessing the intentions of the US policy, said an article in the Global Times.

“He (Donald Trump) will likely continue to stir up troubles concerning Taiwan. To be specific, he may enhance the level of U.S.-Taiwan exchanges and facilitate more bilateral interactions between military officials. He may also increase the arms sales to Taiwan. Trump is also expected to financially back Taiwan by signing bilateral investment and trade agreement,” said the article.

The article added that Trump’s trade advisor Peter Navarro wrote in November on Foreign Policy that the Obama administration’s treatment of Taiwan is “egregious” and the “beacon of democracy in Asia is perhaps the most militarily vulnerable US partner” in the world,it said.

Posing Russia as an example, the article said that the Barack Obama administration in handling the Ukraine crisis underestimated how firm Russia could be to defend its own interests and hence the bilateral relations plunged to the lowest ebb, adding that now Trump and his transition team are severely underestimating the possibility of strong reactions from China, though Beijing has so far exercised restraint.

Many of Trump’s advisors were pro-Taiwan or have economic links with the island, and he has picked multiple hawks with military background as his aids. This adds to his chances of making missteps and taking risks when it comes to China, it added.

The article comes after Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen stopped over in the U.S. on her way to Nicaragua, Salvador and Guatemala.

While Tsai did not meet with US President-elect Trump or any members of his transition team during her US stay, she met with senior U.S .Republican lawmakers Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, adding to tensions with China after Trump broke diplomatic protocol by speaking on the phone with her. (ANI)