China begins expanding road in Doklam, deploys 500 soldiers

New Delhi: After recent stand-off at Sikkim border, China started expanding road in Dokhlam. To guard the construction activities, China deployed 500 soldiers.

According to the news published in NDTV, construction of the road is taking place just 10 km from the location of the last stand-off.

It may be mentioned that the Doklam Plateau is claimed by both Beijing and Bhutan as their territory. India backs the claim of Bhutan.

In the month of June, to stop construction of a road near “Chicken’s Neck”, Indian army crossed the Sikkim border.

It may be noted that earlier, after 70 days of tension on the border, both countries have withdrawn their armies. Officials in Delhi said that China removed all road-making equipment.

Now, once agains, China started construction of a road in Dokhlam. Workers are accompanied by 500 soldiers. However, it is not clear whether the presence of soldiers is permanent or temporary.

Talking to newsmen, army officers said that it is an attempt of China to prove its territorial claims over Dokhlam. Earlier, Army Chief Bipin Rawat had warned, “As far as northern adversary is concerned, the flexing of muscle has started. The salami slicing, taking over territory in a very gradual manner, testing our limits of threshold is something we have to be wary about and remain prepared for situations emerging which could gradually emerge into conflict”

This road construction in Dokhlam started after India and China agreed to de-escalate tensions on 28th August, NDTV reports.