China signs $64 billion worth deals at BRF

Beijing [China]: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday announced that his country has signed USD 64 billion worth of deals during the second Belt and Road Forum (BRF).

He also said that leaders of 37 countries have pledged to join the BRI initiative, reported South China Morning Post.

“Cooperation agreements worth more than 64 billion US dollars were signed at a CEO conference during the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation BRF held in Beijing,” President Xi Jinping said Saturday when meeting the press.

Launched in 2013, the BRI is considered as the cornerstone of Xi Jinping foreign Policy. The first forum was held in 2017 in which 29 countries participated.

He added that ahead of the forum, and even during the course of it, the countries reached “283 deliverables” including inter-governmental cooperation agreements and “practical cooperation projects.”
China is planning to organise the forum every year.

“Participants to the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) agreed the BRF is an important platform for multilateral cooperation and should be held on a regular basis,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping.
China has claimed that 126 countries and 29 international organisations have promoted the Xi’s plan during the forum.

BRI has received major support from around the world including African nations and European nations.

However, South Asia still seems adamant in its non-cooperation policy with BRI. Out of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation member states, only Nepal and Pakistan has attended.