China launches first shared education satellite

Beijing: China’s first shared education satellite carried by the Long March-2D rocket was launched into space on Friday.

The three-kg CubeSat, Young Pioneer 1, entered an orbit of 502 km above the Earth. The rocket also carried Zhangheng 1, an electromagnetic satellite to study earthquake data along with five other miniaturized satellites, Xinhua news agency reported.

Young Pioneer 1 was manufactured and tested by Commsat, a Beijing-based private satellite company.

It will perform wireless storage and transmission of radio waves at UV frequency, space imaging and the verification of user links to the Internet of Things, said founder and CEO of Commsat Xie Tao.

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After in-orbit tests, Young Pioneer 1 will share its data resources with primary and secondary schools and other education institutions equipped with sub-stations in China.

It will provide students with experiences like wireless communication and space photography, Xie said.