China to declare war if North Korea conducts further missile test

Beijing: A professor who is close to the Chinese government said that China can wage a war against North Korea.

According to the news published in Express, Professor of International Relations at Renmin University, Chong Sho-Hu said that Chinese President, Xi Jinping is irritated with the behaviour of North Korea’s Director, Kim Jong-Un.

He also said that the friendly relationship between two countries ended. He further said that Mr. Jinping is annoyed due to recent missile test conducted by North Korea.

In an interview, he warned that one more missile test by Kim Jong-Un will result in war between the China and North Korea.

It may be mentioned that the professor is close to defence and foreign affairs department of the Chinese government.

Commenting on Chinese top leader, Chong Sho-Hu said that he is mad.

Citing an example he said that China had good relations with Soviet Union, Vietnam, but it had war with both these countries.

Speaking on the situation of North Korea, he said that the country is facing touch sanctions. If North Korea stops further missile testing, the country will starve to death. However, if Kim Jong-Un conducts another test, North Korea will invite death.

Professor agreed that one more missile test by North Korea will result in war between the countries.

It may be mentioned that Donald Trump, US President may also pressure President of China.

White House wants China to put pressure on North Korea to stop more missile tests.

On Thursday, CIA Chief Mike Pompeo warned that North Korea is only “months” away from becoming powerful to wage nuclear war against US.