China blacklists four citizens for bad behaviour

Beijing: Four Chinese have been punished and blacklisted for their “uncivilised tourist behaviour” at a Bangkok airport, the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) said.

According to the administration, a flight delay at the Bangkok airport earlier this month led to dissatisfaction and uproar among Chinese tourists, Xinhua news agency reported.

The four blacklisted tourists behaved badly, inciting other tourists to disobey public order at the airport, which severely tarnished the image of China.

The four will stay on the “bad behaviour record” blacklist for two to three years, the CNTA said.
The “bad behaviour record” was first introduced by the CNTA in March this year amid growing concerns about the bad manners of some Chinese tourists both at home and abroad.

It remains unclear how the “blacklist” status will affect the offenders, but experts say the rule functions more as a warning.
These tourists will likely face more restrictions when they sign up for group tours or seek lodging in hotels.