China backs Huawei’s lawsuit against US over equipment ban

Beijing: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, on Friday, backed Tech Giant Huawei’s step to file a lawsuit against the US government, stating that China will take “necessary measures” to protect the legal rights of its citizens and companies.

“We support the company and the individual in question in seeking legal redress to protect their own interests and refusing to be victimised like silent lambs,” South China Morning Post quoted Wang as saying.

Huawei on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the US government for banning its telecommunications equipment in the country. The company called the ban as ‘unconstitutional.’

Wang also slammed the charges pressed by the US government against Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou, calling it “a deliberate political move” to bring the CFO and company down.

Wang added, “People can tell right and wrong, justice will prevail. What we are standing up for is not just the interest of a company but also a nation’s right to development and by extension the basic right of all countries who wish to climb up the technology ladder.”

The US government has alleged that Huawei’s products could be used by Chinese intelligence agencies, posing a risk to national security.

The lawsuit filed by Huawei is in response to US President Donald Trump signing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last year. The bill prohibits federal agencies and its contractors from buying telecommunications and
video surveillance equipment from Huawei, and other Chinese companies including ZTE.

Notably, Germany, on Friday announced that it won’t exclude Huawei from country’s future 5G infrastructure, reported Sputnik