Chilli yard becomes a battlefield of politics

HYDERABAD: Khammam Chilli yard became a focal point of farmers’ agitation after TRS revealed their power at Warangal. There was a huge public gathering due to which TRS ruling seemed to be floating.

Farmers became angry as thousands of chilli bags could not be accommodated in the storage and the ruling TRS failed to provide profitable price to the farmers, TOI reported.

Chilli farming became an instrument for congress as well as TDP to develop Telangana before the election. Farmers also followed not growing the same crop advice given by the government. Workers of TRS and Congress came against each other at the Mirchi yard after a party delegation led by Leader of the Opposition K Jana Reddy visited the market committee.

K Jana Reddy, V Hanumath Rao and Bhatti Vikramarka of Congress went to interact with farmers lodged in jail. They challenged the TRS government to prove their claim that opposition parties encouraged farmers.

Congress leaders accused TRS government of not providing profits in chilli and agriculture products to the farmers, to which TRS also replied. Municipal administration minister KT Rama Rao stated that the government had evidence that political parties, particularly Congress and TDP were involved in Friday’s incident.

Telangana Congress committee president Uttam Kumar Reddy attacked KTR and party leaders for diverting them from the main issue. “Even intelligence sleuths are misleading the chief minister. They are only giving information which CM KCR wants to hear,” he said. He also said that many TRS leaders were in contact with Congress and many would join them before elections.

TDP member Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy challenged the TRS government to prove those arrested were not farmers. “I can prove that none of the TRS ministers can step into the Khammam market yard without police security. Farmers have seen the real face of TRS and mirchi has exposed their double standards,” he said.

TDP president A, Ravanth Reddy said about 3,000 farmers have committed suicide in Telangana and alleged the chief minister for not even visiting their families. With Section 144 still held in Khammam commissionerate limits and delegations from Congress. While TDP, CPI, CPM are continuing to visit the chilli yard.
For TRS government, it’s difficult to remunerate the damage caused to the farmers. Whereas, congress accused TRS of the failure.